developMENT OF NCS

This approach will be implemented during the youth exchange of the project, in order to encompass the three dimensions of the youngsters: personal, social and professional. In this regard, the most important activities during the youth exchange will be: teamwork, decision making, problem solving, effective communication, European citizenship, learning to learn, intercultural context, creativity and innovation.

Thanks to this, the non-cognitive skills will contribute to the employability of young people and the impact this has on their social inclusion, the possibility of them achieving personal development and improving their social and living conditions.


the method or process to establish the non-cognitive skills that the younsters want to develop


having identified the skills, is important to described, normalize and clarify the non-cognitive skills

Skills-based training

the training aimed to generate non-cognitive skills with clear references in existing evidences and experiences, in order to have much more efficiency and impact that detached from the needs of the younsgsters and the labour market


the issuance of a certificate requires a evaluation of the process, learnings and outcomes from the youngsters themselves. In this regard, the YouthPass is the best certificate to this framework